Karela Backwaters

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The Ooty Landscape

  The Ooty landscape

Traditional Bamboo Raft - Kuruwadweep

Traditional way of crossing the river. Tourists returning from the Kuruvadweep Island. Dweep in Sanskrit means island. Kuruva island is around 1000 acre evergreen forest. You need to cross the river Kabani to enter into the forest. Seen in the picture are tourists returning from the island on traditional raft made of bamboo. They have placed some ropes to help raftman to guide the raft. Watching the raftmen (people in the dark green dress) rowing the raft is a fun in itself. Place: Kuruva Island, Wayanad, Kerala, India Technorati Tags: kuruvadweep , wayanad , kerala , travel , raft

Kochi (Cochin) driving tips #5

If you are driving in a street, watch out. Any pedestrian may cross the road overlooking your vehicle. People, in Kochi, while walking on the roads and even highways, expect car drivers to be careful. They expect that if they jump on the road, car will automatically stop in time. Once, an old man put his hand on my moving car's bonnet, try to walk in front. It was a traffic jam situation and the guy was crossing the road. The speed of my car was around 10 kmph. I was lucky to notice the guy in time and apply the breaks as hard as I can. The guy behind me also did the same. Thanks to him. But he was not lucky enough. His car got hit on the rear by the vehicle behind him.

Kochi (Cochin) Driving Tips #6

Never trust your vehicle's turn indicator. It's not because it is not working but because other drivers Kochi tends to ignore it. While taking a left turn to park my vehicle in our office parking area, I properly used left indicator. This is strictly no overtake zone. The biker behind me simply ignored the indicator and overtook from left side. The good thing is that I know the habits of people here so I was careful. A narrow escape.

Kochi (Cochin) driving tips #4

Watch your back. If you are driving on kochi roads and you see a vehicle coming fast behind you, slow down you vehicle. The guy may overtake from right, take a sharp left cut in front of you and apply breaks just at the face of your car. This is very common with bikers.