Saturday, May 11, 2013

Kochi (Cochin) Driving Tips #6

Never trust your vehicle's turn indicator.

It's not because it is not working but because other drivers Kochi tends to ignore it.

While taking a left turn to park my vehicle in our office parking area, I properly used left indicator. This is strictly no overtake zone. The biker behind me simply ignored the indicator and overtook from left side.

The good thing is that I know the habits of people here so I was careful. A narrow escape.

Kochi (Cochin) driving tips #4

Watch your back.

If you are driving on kochi roads and you see a vehicle coming fast behind you, slow down you vehicle. The guy may overtake from right, take a sharp left cut in front of you and apply breaks just at the face of your car. This is very common with bikers.

Friday, May 03, 2013

Kochi (Cochin) driving tips #3

Don't expect that a driver in Kochi will turn the indicator on while taking a turn. People here do not use indicators. So if you are driving on the Kochi roads, be careful. The guy coming behind you may overtake from left side and immediately take a sharp right turn. And it's not uncommon.

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