Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Shatrughna Temple, Rishikesh

Shatrughna Temple, Rishikesh

Shatrughna Temple is one on two temples in the world that are dedicated to the youngest brother of Lord Rama – Shartughna. The other temple is at Paymmal in Thrissur district of Kerala.

Shatrughna temple is an ancient temple situated on the banks of holy river Gangesh near Ramjhula. The temple is named as ‘Aadi Badrinarayan and Shri Shatrughan Temple’ as seen in the picture above.

About the deity

Lord Shatrughna (Hindi: शत्रुघ्न) was the youngest of four sons of Dashratha, the king of Ayodhya. He was born to the Sumitra, the third wife of the king. The name Shatrughna means ‘destroyer of enemies’. He was married to Sharutakeerty, cousin of Sita (wife of Lord Rama). Shatrughna killed the great demon Lavanasura, the king of Mathura and nephew of Ravana.

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