Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lord Krishna–As a student

Sansipani Ashram, Ujjain (click by Yanesh Tyagi)

The painting, at the Sandipani Ashram, Ujjain depicts Guru Sandipani educating the Lord Krishna (blue body color). Sandipani, which means "Sage of Gods". Left to the Krishna is his best mate – Sudama.


Gomti Kund @Sandipani Ashram, UjjainThe Sandipani Muni ashram is located 5 km outside Ujjain, in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The area near the ashram, known as Ankapata, is popularly believed to have been the place used by Lord Krishna for washing his writing tablets. The numerals 1 to 100 found inscribed on a stone are believed to have been engraved by Guru Sandipani. Near the ashram is the Gomti Kund (see pic at right), a staircased water tank where Lord Krishna supposedly summoned all the holy waters from various centres so that his old Guru, Sandipani Muni would not have to travel other holy places.

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Geographic Information:

  • Altitude: 1610 feet
  • Latitude: 23.21145
  • Longitude: 75.78278


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