Friday, June 05, 2009

Recovering Job Market In India

There are all bad news in the market. Sabbatical leaves, layoffs, salary-cut etc. Market is filled up with such news. But amid these news, market trends in Asia and specially in India are positive. The job market is recovering.

Accenture is the company which is known for its no-bench policy. But in this recession, it has

retained its employees. There were no news of layoffs in Accenture this year. And the company is still hiring. My friends are getting calls from Accenture.

IBM is also hiring. IBM has started a special drive for recruitments of women IT professionals.

According to the quarterly report of Antel International, the level of job market in India is at 47%. This was much low in the beginning of 2009. According to the Tony Goodwin, Chairman and Founder of Antal International and one of the most successful people in global recruitment, market is much more prepared than a few months back. According to the Hewitt Associates, more than 60% companies in India are still recruiting people. It said the most of good employers did not cut number of employees in the recent past. And most employers believe that this is the good time to invest in Human Resource.

Non IT companies are also moving towards the positive trends. Tata Moters has taken back its 700 employees who were laid off some months ago. LG is giving special awards to its 350 best performing employees. It will send these employee to London to watch T-20 World Cup.

Pepsico is giving 20-25% stock option to its best performing employees. Tata Moters gave raises to its employees despite the fact that the company is not in a good financial state. LG is giving 14% raise in the salary.

All these facts indicate that the job market is getting improved in India. Companies are hiring people. This is the good time to look for a change.

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