Monday, November 26, 2007

Microsoft Popfly - Share Visual Studio Projects On The Web


Popfly allows you to build gadgets and web pages. It also allows you to share your creation. Popfly provides online visual tools for creating Web pages and gadgets. You can host, share, rate, comments and even remix creations from other popfly users.

Here are some things you can do with Popfly:

Add some fun to your Facebook page, web site, or Windows Live Spaces page.

You can easily spice up your Web site or blog with Popfly by adding customized games like Whack-a-mole or asteroids with pictures of your friends and family or create custom quizzes or polls that you can easily embed on your Web site.

Build a Home Page:

You can build a custom home page, say for your school’s sports team and choose from over 150 different themes, 10 styles, and 30 unique color themes for a unique visual design. You can then easily add things like team photos, a team schedule from an RSS feed, video from previous games, Virtual Earth maps with directions to game locations and more, all without writing code.

Mix and Re-mix Photos and Videos:

Popfly makes it easy to create and share beautiful slideshows using pictures from Flickr, Windows Live Spaces, Facebook or to embed a podcast or a video player hosting videos from Soapbox or YouTube and share it on your Facebook profile, Windows Live Spaces page, or any Web page.

Unify Your Online Personality:

Popfly enables you to customize and stitch together your online persona in one place. You can create mashups that show what you dug on, what you are buying or selling on eBay, you Halo 3 game scores, what Facebook events you’re attending, what your friends are doing on Twitter, and much more.

Share Visual Studio Projects:
Popfly offers a powerful web programming environment to bring in new data sources, create new ways to display information, or even create and share full Visual Studio projects.

Popfly Explorer for Visual Studio and Visual Studio Express:

Popfly Explorer is a plug-in for Visual Studio that lets you:

  • Effortlessly create and host a Popfly web site
  • Access your Visual Studio solutions from anywhere
  • Share Visual Studio solutions with friends
  • Add mash-ups to your web pages


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