Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Effective Use Of Visual Studio 2005 - Handling Open Documents

Visual Studio 2005 provides some excellent document management capabilities. Most of the we are not aware of these features. One of the feature is open document tab groups. Unlike VS 2003, it shows only as much tabs as fits in the window width. There is no scrolling. Instead, VS 2005 provides dropdown menu to select from all open documents. Inseated of selecting open documents, you can also do some other functions.
I am planning to write a series on useful-but-less-known features of VS 2005. This is second post in the series. (read first post)
In continuation to my previous post on managing open documents, here are some more tricks.

Right click on the open document tab group. A context menu will appear with following options:
  1. Save default.aspx.vb
  2. Close
  3. Close all but this
  4. Copy full path
  5. Open containing folder
  6. New horizontal tab group
  7. New vertical tab group
Save default.aspx.vb
Allows you to save currently selected document. Currently selected document is the one which is open in the window.

Close currently selected document.

Close all but this
Close all open documents except the currently selected document.

Copy full path
Copy full path of the currently selected document to the clipboard.

Open containing folder
Open the folder that contains the currently selected document. The folder is opened in the windows explorer.

New horizontal tab group
Open another document window. The two windows are tiled horizontally. Both window will have document tab group. This is useful when you want to open on two group of documents simultaneously.

New vertical tab group
Same as above option. But this makes the windows tiles vertically instead of horizontally.

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