Monday, November 19, 2007

Benefit of Using Technorati Tags on your blog


Today, I received a mail from one of my old friend. he happened to visit my blog and was surprised to see Technorati tags there. He called me up to ask what these tags are and why I used them on my blog. In his own words,

"Yaar, your blog seems to be advertising for this web site called Are you being paid for this?"

I was quite surprised to see the reaction of Technorati tags. Then  I told him what Technorati tags are and why I use them on my blog.

Later on I thought that many other people might also be thinking in the same way. So I decided to post a blog entry on this matter.

Tags are keywords or topics which you place at the bottom (or anywhere) of your blog post to catch the attention of Technorati and other search engines. Technorati is a search engine which indexes the blog which uses its tags. Technorati doesn't pay anything to me anybody to place a Technorati tag on his blog. They even don't pay me to write these stuff though I am advocating to use Technorati tags on your blog. (I wish they should pay me for that. Ha ha ha). Instead it helps the blog author in many ways (see below).

A common question arises - why Technorati do all this? The answer is that when you place a link of Technorati tag on your page, you increase the popularity of Technorati. When millions of blogs do the same thing, Technorati gets great page rank and a very very large number of hits on its pages. Technorati puts ads on its pages and the amount one charges to display an ad is directly proportional to number of hits on that page. So Technorati earns money indirectly. But that is not the concern of a blog author. As an author of a blog, I get many free of cost benefits by using Technorati tags.

The benefits of using Technorati Tags on your blog:

1. It gets your page recognized by Technorati and other blogosphere search engines thus increasing the chance of people finding your blog.

2. It gets your blog indexed on search engines like Google, yahoo etc. driving more inward traffic to your blog and increasing popularity and readership.

3. It increase page views per visit because readers can find more on a topic that interests them.

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