Friday, October 05, 2007

Zoundry Blog Writer

I was tired of using google's blog writer at So decided to google about some free blog writing software. And on the top of search results, I found Zoundry Blog Writer. This is a good blog writer. I have yet to explore its all features.

When I started Zoundry for the first time, I had to configure my blog account. I configured blogspot account. It asked for user name and password. Then it fetched all my blogs at While writing the blog, it asked me on which blog I want to post my entry. I choose yaneshtyagi. It gives a wide choice of fonts that can be used in blog.
For now I am using Lucida sans Unicode.
Now I am using monospace font.
You can change font color from a color palette.
It also has spell checker.
You can apply quoted blocked text also.
You can also apply code formatting.
That's really a great feature for me.

You can also insert extended text marker. But its not reflected on the blog.

I tried to configure my MSN Space blog here. But Zoundry was not able to connect to MSN. May be MSN does not provide such API or Zondry does is ot compatible with it. I don't know.

Download Link:

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