Sunday, October 14, 2007

Salary Negotiation

OK. that's what we all do it for money… not every one right. This is probably the weakest area for techno savvy guys. They are not good negotiators. Many guys at the first instance smile and say "NEGOTIABLE SIR". So here are some points:-

√ Do a study of what's the salary trend? For instance have some kind of baseline. For example what's the salary trend on number of year of experience? Discuss this with your friends out.

√ Do not mention your expected salary on the resume?

√ Let the employer first make the salary offer. Try to delay the salary discussion till the end.

√ If they say what you expect ? , come with a figure with a little higher end and say negotiable. Remember never say negotiable on something which you have aimed, HR guys will always bring it down. So negotiate on AIMED SALARY + some thing extra.

√ The normal trend is that they look at your current salary and add a little it so that they can pull you in. Do your home work my salary is this much and I expect this much so whatever it is now I will not come below this.

√ Do not be harsh during salary negotiations.

√ It's good to aim high. For instance I want 1 billion dollars / month but at the same time be realistic.

√ Some companies have those hidden cost attached in salary clarify that rather to be surprised at the first salary package.

√ Many of the companies add extra performance compensation in your basic which can be surprising at times. So have a detail break down. Best is to discuss on hand salary rather than NET.

√ Talk with the employer in what frequency does the hike happen.

√ Take everything in writing , go back to your house and have a look once with a cool head is the offer worth it of what your current employer is giving.

√ Do not forget once you have job in hand you can come back to your current employer for negotiation so keep that thing in mind.

√ Remember the worst part is cribbing after joining the company that your colleague is getting this much. So be careful while interview negotiations or be sportive to be a good negotiator in the next interview.

√ One very important thing the best negotiation ground is not the new company where you are going but the old company which you are leaving. So once you have offer on hand get back to your old employee and show them the offer and then make your next move. It's my experience that negotiating with the old employer is easy than with the new one….Frankly if approached properly rarely any one will say no. Just do not be aggressive or egoistic that you have an offer on hand.

Top of all some time some things are worth above money :- JOB SATISFACTION. So whatever you negotiate if you think you can get JOB SATISFACTION aspect on higher grounds go for it. I think its worth more than money.

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