Monday, September 24, 2007

India Won Twenty20 World Cup

I never watch cricket match. Instead I am always interested in final results. Last Thursday, we have a party at Pebble Street. In the last hour of party, they broadcasted cricket match showing India batting. I had to watch the match. I really enjoyed excitement of people (I too was very excited) when India hit sixes. On Saturday I was little bit sleepless in the evening. I surf different channels but found nothing interesting. So I decided to watch India vs. Australia Twenty20 match. It was a good time pass. India got an easy victory over Aussies.

Today, in the office, everybody was excited. People were saying that its an history. The fact was that India and Pakistan were face to face in the world cup final first time in the history of cricket. In India, India vs. Pak is always a very exciting phenomenon. And to add spices in it, it was World Cup final. India won last World Cup in 1983. So today history was going to repeat after 24 years. In such excited environment, I decided to watch the match.

It was a thriller. India was batting first. It scrapped hard to get 157 for 5. Though Pak team’s bowling and fielding was at their best, Team India was inspired with the Ball. Yuvraj Singh played well in the last match hitting biggest six (119m). But he was not so lucky today. Gautam Gambhir was the man who stood like a firm wall against Pak bawling. His brilliant 75 held the Indian innings together, and a late 30-run cameo from Rohit Sharma gave Team India their hope.

Pak’s first wicket fall at 3. Later Pak appeared to be well out of contention with 54 needed from 24 balls and just three wickets in hand. R. P. Singh and Irfan Pathan, each scalped three wickets to scupper the chase. The last minutes of the match were terribly exciting. Pakistan needed 13 from the final over. Dhoni tried luck on the inexperienced Joginder Sharma. Misbah pummelled a full toss miles over long-off for six on the very first ball.

Pak needed 6 runs from 4 balls on the last wicket. India looked like loosing the match. One six and the cup would have gone. My eyes were glued on the TV. I pray God for a wicket.

Facing the bowling of Irfan and the Indian voices in the crowd growing louder, Malik broken, dragging a long leap to midwicket.

Finally, India won the match by 5 runs and conquered the inaugural ICC World Twenty20.


To Sachin Tendulkar: Sachin you are a great player. You are the true son of Mother India. You gave too much to Indian cricket. But Indian cricket is not dependent on a individual. We can win World Cup without a Sachin. Though, I believe that presence of Sachin in the team would have made the task easier.

Sachin, you have played enough cricket. You were the king of your time. Now you should become king maker.

Team India: You have proved that now have got habitual of wining. KEEP IT UP!!!

By the way, I have watched only two matches of cricket in my life so far. And India won both of them. Does this ring bells in anybody’s ear?

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