Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What does Visual Studio 2008 mean to me

I returned to blogging after a long period of time. I gave up posting blogs on this site because I thought its useless. There is no point in writing thoughts in your blog. Instead, I preferred to keep a diary. Yesterday, I completed one month of diary keeping. Today, I was reviewing what I have written in my diary. And to my surprise, there was nothing to hide. Everything I have written could have been written on my blog. So I returned to this blog.

Today I read a mail from Microsoft. It said that Microsoft is going to to launch Visual Studio 2008 in Feb. I interpret this that I have to learn new technologies, features etc. Until now, I haven't explored all the features of Visual Studio 2005. Currently I am working on .Net framework 2.0. Microsoft has already launched .Net framework 3.5 with new features and Vista support. What it mean to me is lots of study again. I know that switching from .Net 1.1 to 2.0 steal so much of my family time. I am thankful to my wife and daughter to gave their time to my studies. And I afraid that its going to be repeated again.

Sometimes I thought that choosing Microsoft Technologies (or event Information Technology) as my career is the biggest mistake of my career. Would I be an accountant, there will be no work in the late hours, no study in the night. Life would be easier than. But I am not sure if I will be satisfied with that life style or not.

Anyways, time has passed now. There is no way to change career track in this phase. So let me press CTRL+TAB to switch to Visual Studio window. Good bye and sweet dreams...

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