Monday, July 23, 2007

Hot Architecture In A Calm Weather

It was a hot day today.

Outside weather was cloudy and there was some drizzling in the nearby area. Clouds and sun were playing hide and seek. Wind was calm and cool. Trees seems to be enjoying the weather. Their green color looked little bit dull in the shadow of clouds but the sight was pleasing. In the sky, clouds were forming interesting figures. I always like to see these figures. I always dream to have a high quality professional camera and enough time to catch these images.

But inside the office, it was very hot. There were hot discussions regarding the architecture of our application. First, there was fight between offshore team and onsite team.
My team at offshore, prepared the architecture and sent to the client and onsite team for review. After having discussion with client, onsite team wanted some modifications in that architecture. But they were not able to convince offshore team on the pros and cons of modifications.

Offshore team worked a lot on the architecture. They had to make a balance between what should ideally be and what can be achieved in the given time lines. Even they created some prototypes to test different aspects of the architecture. To the offshore team, this was (is) the best architecture.

Both of them were correct but none of them was able to put their thoughts in a concise, clear manner. Onsite team was presenting the thoughts of client's architect. But they could not clearly explain what's in the brain of the client's architecture.

After lots of discussion between two team, it was decided that we should wait for the formal response from client. At last, client's architect sent a mail asking offshore team to follow what he thought was the best approach. Offshore team, in a mood to close the issue, gave up and decided to follow what client is asking.

As development lead of offshore team, I learned a lesson. Even if you know you are right, don't argue with the authorities. But this doesn't mean you should give up. Prepare a strategy. Collect you facts and put them in a clear, concise, sequential manner. Keep supportive reference ready. Do proper homework before presenting your point of view. You must view your thoughts from other side of the coin. Only an effective presentation of facts can make authorities to think in the way you want.

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