Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tea Addict

Tea Addict

Tea addition seems to be more useful than harmful for me. In my family, It is believed that consuming more tea is harmful for our body. In fact our traditional method of brewing tea (Heavy Boil Method) is very odd. We boil the tea leaf or tea granules for almost three minutes. Then we add sugar and milk and again boil the tea for almost five minutes. in summery, if I have to prepare one cup of tea, I'll boil one and half cup of water, add tea, sugar and half cup of milk to it and keep boiling until it remains one cup. Such tea causes acidity. One should consume only one or two cups of tea prepared by Heavy boil Method.

But now the world of tea has changed for me. Tea Sticks has made my life easire. I have a habit of consuming eight to ten cups of tea in 24 hours. My traditional tea made me to consume anti-acid medicined regulerly. But since last one and half months, I haven't consumed even a single pill of renetidine. Thanks to tea sticks. These wonderful sticks does not cause any acidity.

And their method of brewing is also very simple. Just boil a cup of water, take one stick and stirr for a few moments. Your tea is ready. No need to add sugar or milk. (or if you need it badly, add some boiled milk).

Yanesh Tyagi

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