Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tea Sticks

Tea Sticks

Tea Stick is the coolest invention of 2006. Uptill now we were using tea powder, granules, leaves or tea bags. But now we got a super product - Tea Sticks. Just pour some hot water in a cup and stirr the tea stick for a few seconds. Your tea is ready. (Thanks to

The quality of herbal tea in a tea stick is greatest. Only a few sips are enough to refreash you entirely. As I am writting this blog at 00:40 AM in morning after working whole day in my office and researching information on the net in all late hours, I am sipping teh great tea. This gives me enough energy to work 18 to 20 hours in a day.

I fact tea stick is easy on my pocket also. As compared to tea bags, I have to use two tea bags in a cup of tea. Usually I take 10 to 12 cups of tea in a day. But after I discovered tea sticks (thanks to, only single stick is enough for a day.

What more, You can keep your stick in a pouch and carry it with you. The gives the pleasure of having same taste of tea every time. You are not dependent on the tea wending machines. (you know! these machines delivers different taste every time)

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