Sunday, October 07, 2007

Beware of Big Names ... (Accenture)

I was just reading interview of Shivprasad Koirala (author of .Net Interview Question) with Times. He said many interesting things but the thing which caught my thoughts is his experience with Avanade Accenture. In his own words

"when i was working in Avanade Accenture my salary was reduced because of not performing good. But i had actually
performed , atleast i was not worth of negative salary, if not a decent hike. I felt bad because my hard work was not appreciated. I did not feel bad because my salary was reduced or the work was not appreciated. While working in Accenture i used to normally come late hours. When i communicated my negative salary to my family, my wife just said then what where you doing all those late nights in Accenture when your performance is rated so bad and I broke off because i had no answer to hidden politics.

Yes big companies have lots of politics. I always believe that working in a smaller company gave you good exposure and knowledge. In a big company, you have very little responsibility. And the creativity there is most of the time zero. You are bound to the procedures and other things. And now Shiv revels that politics is also a key factor. I have heard that there is no job security with Accenture. Accenture is known to fire people, if its project is finished or it looses a project. And now you see its negative approach for its employees. Instead of promotion and increments, it reduces the salaries. With all the knowledge that Shiv has, I can't believe that he did not perform.

I attended a workshop organized by Avanade Accenture and Microsoft India. I sensed same politics there. One guy was giving some demo about grid computing and his laptop (or software) malfunctioned. His boss, instead of helping him to come out of problem, gave him a strange look. The guy, who was giving presentation, became so scared that sweat came out of his forehead. That time I thought that the guy just got nervous, But now I can figure out that the poor chap was afraid of loosing his salary (or his job).

So guys, always beware if you are planning to join Accenture.

And yes, when you devote late hours in the office, working due to poor project management and you did not receive good hike (mainly due to politics), you don't have any answers to your family. You sacrifice their time to company and get nothing in return. I personally have similar experience but could not share that with you this time. And believe me, if any project fails or a team's performance is poor, this is because of bad management. Workers (developers and leaders) has nothing to do with it. Its either because of the senior management who was not able to understand the requirement or because of the business people was unable to strike the proper deal. But the bad thing is that its developers and leaders who are at the receiving end.

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